Englisch spezial

Englisch spezial (B1)

17.04.2018: Your horoscope for this week/today; page 20: Explore speaking; ex. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; asking for clarification, clarify what you’re saying; thanks for everything and enjoy your summer holiday! Looking forward to seeing you in autumn!

10.04.2018: The signs of the zodiac; what sign are you? which properties are true for you? homework: find an English horoscope for this week (for example: free horoscope)

03.04.2018: Holy Week; Maundy Thursday ceremony; What did you do in the Holy Week? Ask questions; book page 19, repetition: what did Sylvia get – what changed her life?; listen again; ex. 6a) What changed YOUR life? book page 21, ex. 2, questions 2,3; homework: Zodiac signs – choose your sign and prepare the words, are the characteristics true or not? What is not true?

20.03.2018: Übungsblatt modal verbs, Seite 61; repetition Intranet – what does the company of Eric and Graham plan to do?; page 19, ex. 1: something that has changed Sylvia’s life; ex. 2, 3, 4, 5; page 21, ex. 2a) 1,2; homework: page 18, ex. 6 a) b) Write about an event that has changed your life and use phrases with so and such; Happy Easter everyone! Our next lesson is on April 3rd

13.03.2018: report about Vietnam trip, page 135, es. 1,2; Übungsblatt modal verbs, Seite 59; book page 18: repetition what are Eric and Graham talking about? ex.4 – is it an argument for or against banning the intranet? homework: page 61;

06.03.2018: pag. 135, es.1,2 (wiederholen wir beim nächsten Mal); Zusatzübungen zu may/might/could; pag.18 – e-mail; ex.1: read the text, ex.2: answer the questions; track 14 – listen to Eric and Graham – what does the management want to do? ex. 4: Sätze lesen/übersetzen; homework: exercises with modal verbs (Qualität ist leider schlecht, aber der Ausdruck sieht genauso aus, ging leider nicht besser...)

27.02.2018: Übungen – “sich selbst” oder “einander”; page 17: will/could/may/might; page 135, no.2 read the examples for modal verbs; page 17, ex. 3; homework: page 135, ex. 1,2,

13.02.2018: book page 16: text and questions; Übungsblatt Reflexiv oder wechselseitig? Homework: do the exercises on the sheets; ACHTUNG!! Unser nächster Kurs ist am 27. Februar!! Enjoy the last day of Carnival!!

06.02.2018: Vokabel-WH, What did the 4 people on page 14 talk about?; page 15, ex.6 Betonung, Aussprache; page 15, ex.7: What do you think about these statements?, page 15: It’s good to talk, ex. 1, 2, 3; page 16: Online friendships, ex. 1, question 1; homework: page 16: read the text and answer the questions ex. 3;

30.01.2018: Vokabel-WH, How do you communicate?; page 14, ex.2: Listen to four young people talking about modern communication; ex. 3, page 15, ex. 5; homework: page 15, ex. 7: write one or two sentences giving your opinion about the statements given!

23.01.2018: Vokabeln vom letzten Mal; the Ball Drop in Times Square; Your book reviews; would you like to read the other books?; page 13, ex. 1, 2, 3, 4; homework: page 14: Keeping in touch: How did you use to keep in touch with friends and family before and what is it like today? What has changed?

16.01.2018: Times Square Ball Drop; Happy New Year cartoons; page 12, ex. 1,2,3; Read the texts, ex. 4, 5; page 13, ex.1; homework: page 12, ex.7: Write a short book review for a website.

Kursbeginn Frühlingssemester: 16.01.2018; Kurszeit: 17:30 bis 19:00

12 December: new words; what cultural differences do you think are there? (book page 11); exercise: I used to do (früher habe ich oft…)/I have got used to doing (ich habe mich daran gewöhnt… zu tun); Christmas in Ireland; The holly she bears a berry; have a Merry Christmas! Looking forward to seeing you again in January!!

5 December: new words; what do you know about Federico?; page 11, ex.3 – Questions 1-6; Track 8: What does Federico think about the incident 6 months later?; page 11, ex.5; ex. 6a); homework: page 11, photo at the bottom: what differences can you see between your country and the people in the picture? What differences do you think there are?

28 November: What are your experiences with other cultures?; Sting – Russians; page 11: Federico’s experience with working abroad; page 11, ex.3: Answer the questions; homework: ex.3: answer the questions in writing. What caused the problem? Who do you think is to blame for the awkward situation?

21 November: new words, page 10, ex.4; talk about a book you’ve recently read; short repetition past tense; sheet: Thanksgiving; homework: page 11, ex. 1: Have you ever lived abroad oder travelled abroad? What are your impressions?

14 November: new words; page 9, ex.3, ex.4; page 10, 3a) what do you remember about the four people in the interview?; Track 6: Listen again; page 10, ex. 3 a) b); page 10, ex.4 (next time we will finish the exercise); homework: worksheet 7: Past Tense;

07 November: new words; page 8, ex.2, 3, 4,; page 9, ex.5; page 9: It’s a good way to…, ex. 1, ex. 2; page 10, ex. 1 – guess what these books/tv series are about!; homework: page 9, ex. 3, ex.4: give recommendations for the situations in exercise 4; use the phrases in ex. 3 and insert “really” and “quite”;

31 October: your own entertainment/TV habits; page 7, ex. 1 – anything good on TV? 1a) 1b); grammar: present / present progressive /present perfect; ex. 2, ex. 3a) b) pronunciation exercise 4 a) b); page 8, ex. 1 a) b); homework: page 8, ex. 2) 3) 4)

24 October: What did you like best about the book “Being there” and what did you like least?; Scenes from the film Being there; Vokabeln vom letzten Mal, new book page 6: Entertainment/media – Repetition: do you remember the TV/entertainment habits of the four people depicted?; Phrasen im Kasten Seite 6 ganz unten; homework: write about your own TV/entertainment habits and use some of the phrases from the box;

17 October: new words; new book, page 6: Media, News and Television; ex. 1, 2a) 2b), ex. 3; ex. 4; phrases with -ing / infinitive / noun; homework: Übungsblatt zu Gerund/Infinitive;

10 October: new words; looks matter – passages in the book that indicate the good looks of Chance and the impression he makes on women; good looks and politics (text about Kennedy and modern day pressures on presidential candidates); Why is Chance an ideal presidential candidate? What impresses men most? What film scene(s) would you like to see? Homework: What did you like best / least about the novel? Is the novel (despite the fact that it was written almost 50 years ago) still relevant today?

03 October: new words from last time; where were you in 1970, what was TV like when you were a little child?; page 10, page 19, page 33: passages from the book; what does the TV mean for Chance?, Not existing at all – does it also have advantages? What effect does Chance have on women? Why? Homework: if you have time, you could read the next passages in the book and the text about TV in the 60ies and its influence on politics.

26 September: Your last holiday, have you ever…, talking about your experiences during this summer vacation / past years; Being there: can you find out: when the novel was published/where you were at that time/in what way society and politics had changed in the USA, what the main theme of the book is? The passages we will read together are on pages 10, 19, 33, 36, 50 and 60;

Kursbeginn: 10.01.2017, Kurszeit: 17:30 bis 19:00

Book: Compass B1 (Langenscheidt)


05.04.2017: words and phrases; remember the story: Lost and found; what do you remember about the Toddler Modelling Competition? First chapter from “Being There”; The Easter bunny is getting ready for his Easter celebration 🙂  Im Herbst suchen wir ein neues Lehrbuch aus, dazwischen schieben wir die Lektüre von Being There; Thanks for everything! – Soon to come: I’ll post here some information on how to get hold of your copy of Being There….

28.03.2017: repetition: lost and found on the Internet (page 188); page 188, ex.3b) 3c) 3d); Listen to the ending of the story; page 189, ex. 1: I hate the consumer society; page 189, ex. 2: Toddler Modelling Competition; first two pages of Being there; homework: read the first chapter of “Being There”

21.03.2017: page 185, ex. 4,5,6; page 186: Online shopping, ex. 1a), 1b), 1c), 1d); page 188: Lost and found; homework: page 189, ex.1;

14.03.2017: repetition words, which special gifts did we read about last time?; have you ever received / given any special gifts?; page 184, ex.1: A birthday surprise; ex.2, 3, page 185, homework: page 185, exercise 5, 6; exercise 4 (link to audio file)

07.03.2017: repetition words; which 3 gifts were presented in our book last time?; page 182: special gifts; ex. 2a) b) c) d); have you ever received or given such a special gift? homework: write about a special gift you received – if you can’t think of anything, choose a topic from flexizone, page 183 A or B;

28.02.2017: repetition words; page 180, ex. 3a)b), ex.4; What did we learn about Lewis Carroll?; Harry Potter (cont.); page 181: starter – most difficult person to buy a gift for; interesting gifts; ex. 1a), 1b); homework: page 182: the best way to buy gifts (Texte durchlesen, Vokabeln vorbereiten);

14.02.2017: funny Valentine cards; Harry Potter (till page 10, 1st paragraph); homework: page 180, ex. 3,4; NEXT LESSON: FEB. 28th!

07.02.2017: repetition words; page 177, ex. 2 a) b) c); ex. 3 a) b); 4 a) b); homework: finish reading the first pages of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (leider ist der  Scan nicht so gut zu lesen, die Kopien sind besser)

31.01.2017: repetition words; page 175, ex. 3a) b), ex. 4a) b) c) d); group work: choose a car, make a down payment, decide on the monthly installments, negotiate an interest rate; page 176: A success story; homework: page 177, ex. 2 a) b) c)

24.01.2017: repetition words; page 173 – B,C (Would you have stopped work? Would it be better to keep one’s identity a secret?); page 173, ex. 4a) 4b) 5); homework: page 175, ex. 3a) 3b), 4a) b) c) d), Link to audio file (beginning and ending are not perfect, but everything’s there… next time I’ll know how to do it perfectly 😉  )

17.01.2017: repetition words; what do you remember about Liv Nicholson?; questions about the text; page 172, ex. 2c) 2d), ex. 3a) b) c); homework: write a few sentences about Flexizone B) and C) Would you have stopped work? Should there be a limit on lottery prizes? should winners reveal their identity to the media?

10.01.2017: New Year’s traditions: Auld lang syne, resolutions, lucky charms (which objects can be used as a lucky charm?), fortune telling (have you ever had your fortune read?), melting lead, fireworks; walnut boats – New Year’s game with small children; greetings; homework: write about the different traditions and customs we discussed (or additional traditions that come to your mind); download the sheet: walnut boats/greetings; so much for fortune telling:


14.12.2016: Repetition words; The case of Viv Nicholson; page 174, ex.1,2; The selfish Giant; Thanks for everything and have a Merry Christmas everybody!!

06.12.2016: Repetition words; page 170, ex. 3a) b), 4a) b); page 171, ex. 1a) b); 2a)b); homework: page 174, ex. 1) 2)

29.11.2016: I, for my part,…; Vokabelrunde; page 169, ex. 1a)b), 2a)b); page 167, ex. 3a), 3b), 3c), 3d); 4a), 4b); page 168: A new shop in town; homework: page 170, exercise 3a)b), 4a)b)

22.11.2016: Gerund oder Infinitive?; Vokabelrunde; page 165, ex.4 – does the picture appeal to you? choose the right form; page 166, ex. 1a) 2a); homework: page 169, ex. 1a)b), 2a)b);

15.11.2016: repetition – new means of advertising; repetition words; page 164, 1a)b), 2a)b), 3a)b), 3.2; Lynn Anderson: rose garden (can you describe the relationship of the couple in the song?); cartoons about US politics; homework: Rückseite – Übersetzungssätze Gerund/Infinitive;

08.11.2016: repetition words; Gerund -Einsetzübung/Drillübung; page 162, ex.4, 4a), page 165, ex.5a), 6), 6a) 6b); homework: page 164, ex. 1a)b), 2 a)b), 3a)b), 3.2.;

25.10.2016: repetition words; Crossing cultures – Bericht Gruppenarbeit; Advertising: page 161, ex.2a), 2b); page 162, ex.3a) 3b) page 162, ex.4: Gerund/Infinitive; Übungsblatt Gerund/Infinitive; homework: nächstes Mal gehen wir die Übungsblätter noch einmal durch, ihr könnt als Vorbereitung die Einsetzübung fertigmachen und die Drillsätze übersetzen.

18.10.2016: Last week’s words; page 160, ex.3,4; group work: I was in… (city/countryside, weather, transport, people, food, homes, religion); page 161, ex.1a) 1b); homework: write about the group work you did;

11.10.2016: Vokabelwiederholung; page 158, ex.7: Cross-cultural guide; page 159, ex.1,2; repetition adjective-adverb; homework: page 160, ex.3,4;

04.10.2016: Repetition words; what do you remember about Marek?; page 156, exercise 4: showing sympathy; page 158, ex.7: Exotic food; adjective/adverb; kein ly mit Verben, die einen Zustand ausdrücken; page 157, rc. 5b), page 158, ex. 6; Homework: page 158, ex.7: Write a cross-cultural guide;

27.09.2016: Repetition words: Nierenkolik/Brunnen/billabong/haggle,bargain; pick a question from the sheet; book page 156: the five stages of adapting to life abroad; page 156, ex.3a) Marek’s experience in London; homework: page 157, ex. 5a) 5b)

20.09.2016: Starter sentences: last vacation/last birthday/chores you had to do/last 24 hours/sth you should do but you don’t; book page 156, ex.1, ex.2; homework: pick one of the questions on the sheet and write about it;


12.04.2016: What are your childhood memories?; page 154, ex.1a) b); page 155, ex.5; page 154, ex. 3a) b) – pronunciation; ex.2; Feedback – ideas for the autumn term; thanks for all your kind words and great ideas – looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER VACATION! btw: in Australia you have a “tucker bag” which has a similar status as our Bschoadbinkerl – so this is what I am going to do in the holidays: roaming the Kremstal with my tucker bag 🙂 – and in a way we are auzzies, too, Austrians that is ;); thanks a lot all of you!

05.04.2016: gardening game; amazing facts – page 153, ex.2a) 2c); page 155, ex. 4a) 4b); page 154, ex. 1a) b) strange records – holding one’s breath, being married the longest; homework: page 155, ex.6: What are your childhood memories?


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