On Monday, 21 January, we start again, 9:00 as always :)I hope you had a good Christmas holiday! Looking forward to meeting you again!

In the meantime, so they say, we’re expecting some snowfall. So are the British, according to the weather forecast on BBC, between 5 and 15 cm by the end of this week, they say, but they are not sure about the exact timing…

Talking about the weather – Australia is experiencing extreme weather these days. The extraordinary heat has caused wildfires (Flächenbrände), temperatures are soaring (soar = rapide steigen, in die Höhe schnellen), fires have been burning there for four days (seit 4 Tagen gibt es dort Flächenbrände), it only takes a spark (es braucht nur einen Funken), discarded cigarette butts (weggeworfene Zigarettenstummeln), spark from an electricity pylon (Funke von einem Strommasten), most catastrophic conditions for fire in Australia in living memory (katastrophalsten Bedingungen an die man sich je erinnern kann)